What happened to Brazil
This three part documentary series explores the crisis years of 2013-2018 in Brazil. The final episode includes an exclusive interview with Lula, the imprisoned former President of Brazil, and examines the tumultuous events which led to the rise to power of Brazil's deeply controversial new President, Jair Bolsonaro.
Producer/Director: Daniela Martins
Reporter/Interviewer/Executive Producer: Kennedy Alencar
Series Producer: John Thynne
Rojava  is a Kurdish run-region in northern Syria that emerged out of the chaos of the civil war. It's the closest Syrian Kurds have had to having their own state. Whilst they were fighting so called Islamic State, they had the backing of the Americans. But now IS has been all but defeated, Turkey - terrified of Kurdish nationalism within its own borders has gone on the attack. Can the Kurdish dream survive?
Director: Elizabeth C Jones
Produced for BBC Arabic under the title: Rojava: A Hidden History

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